I’ve had so many requests via email for links to the best-informed, most thoughtful reactions to my June 2019 MLK-FBI update article in Standpoint that I’ve decided to link to all of these here:

(1) Here’s David Greenberg’s long thoughtful piece in Politico:

(2) Here’s my Canadian MLK colleague Steve Smith’s powerful piece in Quillette:

(3) Here’s my NCSU MLK colleague Jason Miller’s two columns at The Conversation:

(4) This Economist story is behind a ‘soft’ paywall, requiring a quick registration to see it in full:

(5) Here’s Lance Morrow’s important Wall Street Journal piece, which had a huge footprint but also requires registration. I’m happy to send the full text to anyone unable to access it via this link:

(6) Here’s Dominic Green’s podcast with me at the Spectator:

(7) Here’s Tony Norman’s op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

(8) Here’s Jon Zimmerman’s New York Daily News op-ed:

(9) Here’s Ron Radosh’s two strong columns at The Bulwark:

(10) Here’s the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s long editorial that ran beside my op-ed (which itself is on my “What’s New” page here):